Passenger Safety

Your safety is our highest priority. We go to great lengths to ensure our passengers feel comfortable and safe when travelling with us.

Computerised System

We operate a computerised system where all fares are entered and drivers are allocated. This not only ensures that you are allocated the closest driver nearby, but means all journeys are logged; the vehicle, driver and route information (GPS) is recorded. We also send a text message upon dispatch and arrival of cars containing the vehicle make, model, colour and registration number so you can be sure of your safety. 

Our office is also staffed 24/7 all year round and we can be contacted on 01698 813 777 should you need to speak to the control room.

Child Safety

Children must wear a seat belt when travelling in a taxi or private hire vehicle. If you have a child seat or booster seat available please ask the driver to help with fitting to the seat. Any child under 3 years old may travel unrestrained in the rear. For further information please check the Department for Transport's Website,

Drivers & Vehicles

All of our drivers must pass background checks and examinations before they can drive for Bellview Private Hire, and these are periodically renewed.
We also ensure our drivers vehicles are regularly maintained for mechanical safety, the checks performed are of a higher standard that a regular MOT road worthiness check and results are kept by North Lanarkshire Council. All drivers and vehicles are also insured and must keep their vehicles clean & tidy for your comfort..